What to Do When Your Computer Runs Slow

When you find your computer has slowed to a snail’s pace compared to the racehorse it previously was, you may have picked up some form of spyware, malware, or even one or more viruses. When your computer runs slow it is trying to tell you there may be problems with the registry or other vital components on your PC.

When you first unboxed your computer, there were software programs preinstalled to help with detection of these malicious attacks on your new computer which are to blame whenever your computer runs slow. But too often they prove to be ineffective mainly due to the fact those who create the malware are constantly updating and changing their programs in order to evade detection and elimination.

Look online for registry cleaners and anti-spyware programs that will help by becoming a sort of lifeguard so that when your computer runs slow you can find and eliminate whatever is causing the problems. These programs are free to try out and they will perform a scan to detect whatever the problem may be. Once the scan has been run, you will be advised of any problems that may have occurred and then you must decide if you wish to purchase the software before going further.

To eliminate any viruses or malware that may be to blame when your computer runs slow, first, the software must be installed on your computer then you may choose from several options regarding its use. If you wish to have the software only detect and isolate the problems, then you will need to follow up by selecting which issues you wish to delete or not. Some registry cleaners may misdiagnose problems and eliminate some vital components to programs you may find necessary to keep, so it is preferable that you have the final say before anything is deleted.

Performing a scan disk and defragmenting your hard drive should be done routinely and often (weekly scheduling is available, and should be set up, on all recent versions of Windows). These two activities alone will help when your computer runs slow, but they cannot detect any malicious programs that may have invaded your PC. For this reason, some form of registry cleaner must be used routinely as well as the scan and defrag. These can be scheduled to be performed anytime and preferably when you are not using the computer yourself.

When your computer runs slow to remember to make use of any anti-spyware programs you may have already installed on your PC. Check out some of the better programs out there and look for positive reviews and customer satisfaction comments regarding any programs you may be considering. Some work with a particular version of Windows better than others. Let the software scan your computer and find what is to blame whenever your computer runs slow.